Poojas & Havans

Dhwitiya Shanivara Maseshti – Seven and half Shani, Khantaka Shani, Ashtama Shani, Shanidasha are some of the problematic periods in one’s life. To get respite from these Doshams, devotees can perform a havanam which is conducted on the second Saturday of every month between 9 and 11 in the morning at the temple. This havan is also beneficial for devotees

• Who want to get their wishes fulfilled
• Who are facing difficulties in getting married or getting work
• Who wants to set up a new home
• Who wants to do well in studies
• Who wants to remove ill effects caused from Navagraha Doshangal

Ellenna Abhishekam – An Abhishekam with Ellenna (sesame oil) is performed to get respite from Shani Dosham. Ellenna Abhishekam is also performed for Roga Santhi which will help remove sickness from the body and bring about wellness.

Neerajanam – Neerajanam is performed at the temple to invoke the blessings of Shaneeswaran and reduce the adverse effects of Khantaka Shani. It is an important offering where packets of sesame seeds and raw rice are dipped in oil and kept in a coconut which is placed in a plate filled with raw rice and then lit in front of Lord Shani.

Chayadhanam – If you are saddened by the demise of your loved one, you can do a Chayadhanam offering at the temple to alleviate the sadness. For this you need to take one liter of oil and place in a big vessel and add 14 black gram (urad dal) seeds. The photo of the deceased should be taken and circled around the vessel eight times. Once the ritual is completed, the devotee can bring the oil to the temple and make an offering.

Kala Sarpa Dosham – If your horoscope has got Kala Sarpa Dosham, a Kala Sarpa Dosham Havanam can be conducted to alleviate the ill effects of the Dosham. This is a very effective Havanam and is performed only at this temple in the whole of Kerala.

Sarpeshti Havanam – For those who have Sarpa Dosham in their horoscope or are going through difficulties because of it can do the Sarpeshti Havanam to nullify the ill effects of the Dosham. Remedial measures and solutions are carried out as per the Vedas. This Havanam is very strong and effective. Although there are many Naga (snake) temples in Kerala, the Sarpa Dosham Havanam is only done here. It is a specialty of our temple.

Pitra Mukti Santhi Havanam – Devaguru Brihaspati is the name for planet Jupiter and is considered to be the most favorable among the nine planets. He has been incarnated as Bhagawat Chaitanya Detriya Bhagavan in this temple. He is considered as the savior of those suffering from Pitra Dosha and for those wanting to attain Pitra Moksha.
For effective karmic cleansing for ancestors, Pitra Mukti Shanti Mahahavanam is done here as per the requirements of the devotee. Apart from that we conduct the Maha Thilahavanam and Pitra Mukti Santhi Mahahanam on Karkadum Amavasyi (no moon) day from 10 in the morning.

Medha Sukhta Saraswati Havanam – According to Bhagwadam, Vedas are the foundation of Hinduism. In this temple, the Chaturvedas (four Vedas) are personified as Saraswati in this temple. For helping kids improve their intelligence and their education, Medda Sukta Havanam, Saraswathi Sukta Havanam, Sarthswethe Havanam are carried out to make them intelligent and knowledgable. On the day of Vijaydashami, learned Vedic priests come and initiate kids into the learning process. On the same day, the students are included in the ritual and the Maha Sukhta Saraswati Havanam is performed.